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Thursday, May 11, 2006

T mobile cell phones

What a start to my day. Found 3 mallards stuck in the small pen I built around the tree in my backyard. Built the pen to keep ducks from gobbling down birdseed I put for the small birds. Works great but every once in awhile security is breached and renegade ducks go rampant inside, inhaling all the food in seconds. Lots of fun going round and round the tree to get the mallards out. They kept flying into the chicken wire in their panic. I took off the wire top, and had my old mutt go one way, while I went the other way to steer the ducks to the open end. Almost made me want to have duck soup, but finally each one figured it out. I have now earned my sit-down time in front of my computer searching for t mobile cell phones and I don't care how obscure that topic is. Anything now beats the hell out of going round and round a tree after cornered panicking mallards.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do you have the patience? I sure don't

A new coffee shop opened near my house over a year ago. It is the weirdest looking shop, pink on the outside and named

Monday, May 08, 2006

Into the woods karaoke

As I stumpled upon your blog while searching Yahoo I found your information to be very accurate, you have a lot of great into the woods karaoke resources here. I was wondering if you had a staff of researchers working for you or you were just a robot? Most of the sites out there on the web are just compiled scrapes of other sites that are worthless. Glad to see that you are giving us more than the average website owner, keep up the good work.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Basics forex market

Well the roofer just left, yep the roof is leaking again. How annoying, drip drip drip all night even if it only rains for an hour. Well this time he found the problem, 10 blocks of wood were nailed into the roof to be support blocks for a gas line that is running across the roof. Ok here’s a clue, if you are on a roof do NOT nail anything into it! Geezz, these builders these days, I mean what were they thinking? Sorry to rant on you guys, guess I’ll go unwind and do some surfing, been meaning to research basics forex market this week, that will calm me down.

What in the world is this?

haircut economics: I went nuts today and sort of chopped off probably close to 90% of my hair. And oh! What a riveting day it was! right.right.right. I need a life really badly. So bored. Blogs suck so bad. I can't believe I'm writing in this. I'm such a cheap entrance door surveillance camera hippocrite. Before I know it this will be filled with the gossip that runs through any school like the plague, killing all those whose tongue dares to taste a word of its foul intentions.